The Wash in Schools Index Launch


Safe water and sanitation are two basic human rights – but they are things that huge swathes of the world’s population lack. This is widely known but the ways in which we can help to reduce these problems are, perhaps, less understood.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aim for ‘universal and equitable access to safe water and sanitation by 2030’. Both UNICEF and IRC are committed to this and the WASH in Schools Index will play a major role in ensuring that the knowledge to realise this aim is correctly collated, harnessed, and distributed to those people who can make a real difference.


What are our aims for The Index?

This WASH in Schools Index will be a knowledge management service which collates and stores the mot useful and up to date material accross a range of topics for WASH in Schools. By this, we mean that it will be a hub where the best and brightest minds will be able to contribute to an ever-growing database which anybody can tap into. This will be a place for professionals in the field to:

  • Build on existing water and sanitation knowledge

  • Share, store and contribute material

  • Ensure continuous improved programme design, delivery, and innovation

All of this will strengthen knowledge sharing in this field and, in turn, improve expertise. We hope that by doing so, the new WASH in Schools Index will help to enhance and streamline best practice and programming amongst policy makers, sector professionals, governments, and academics.

What can you expect from the site?

You can expect a user friendly, intuitive system which is designed to make accessing the right information as easy as possible. You can also expect a simple upload process – so that anybody with relevant expertise can upload their work and share it with others. Academic or database driven websites often have all the information you might need, but their poor navigation and design make it difficult to find or update. Our search functions and careful website design make it simple and easy to find what you need and will be regularly updated with new material.  

We hope that you enjoy using our new website, and most of all we hope that it fulfils its aim of strengthening knowledge sharing and contributing towards the realisation of safe water and sanitation for all by 2030.


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